This section covers a wide range of cleaning topics such as surfaces, products and techniques. 

Episode #9

This Jancast episode covers the perplexing subject of green cleaning and green products. A discussion of what is green and who says it is or isn't. Audio (You can also download a check list of what to look for in products by clicking here)

Episode #10

State of the art descriptions of Carpet Cleaning technology. We discuss third generation encapsulation and low moisture cleaning. Audio

Episode #17

Efficacy - It's not just what is in the bottle. Understanding state of the art disinfection procedures. Audio

Episode #19

Carpet Cleaning, who knows what is right? Discussions about LMCCA and their efforts to document all methods of carpet cleaning. Audio

Episode #41

February 2008 first week of Jan San news and talk about new offerings of Green products from P&G and "greenwashing" potential. Our longest ever Jancast. Audio

Episode #54

Discussion of news from the week of October 20th, 2008. We also discuss the state of "green" and our new e-clean product line. We finish with a talk about the problem with non-EPA approved products and false claims. Audio

Episode #57

Discussion of news from the week of Jan. 19th, 2009. We talk about Green Seal, CRI and certification standards. Audio

Episode #66

Features Mark Warner and Scott Jarden talking about the flu, green disinfectants and current news about the industry. Audio

Episode #74

On this Jancast we review the 2011 Las Vegas ISSA show, Mark's distributor point of view and presentation methods using new technology. We also discuss if tight budgets are impacting "green" product purchases. Audio

Episode #77

Mark and Scott talk about the latest news and innovations in infectious control. We also cover amusing news about theft of flushing units and Tide laundry detergent and much more. Audio

Episode #80

Mark and Scott cover the latest flu outbreak hitting the USA. We discuss the best way to control the flu in your work place and home. Audio